Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Libreware helping their customers to skip Windows and use GNU/Linux?

Libreware can't stop all the millions of people who are installing Windows right now, but we can help you to skip Windows and join in the libre world. As you know, Windows puts those that use it under the thumb of Microsoft, while libre software treats users as equals and gives them control over their digital lives.

Why does Libreware reject offering Windows support?

  1. Windows' 10's privacy policy asserts the privilege to sell almost any information it wants about users, even creating a unique advertising ID for each user to sweeten the deal.
  2. Microsoft announced that, starting with Windows 10, it will begin forcing lower-paying users to test less-secure new updates before giving higher-paying users the option of whether or not to adopt them.
  3. Microsoft is reported to give the NSA special security tip-offs that it could use to crack into Windows computers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To read more about Microsoft's mistreatment of its users, see the list on

I want to try libre software but can't be persuaded to leave Windows quite yet. Could Libreware offer libre software support for Windows or another platform?

Yes of course, Libreware is a company focused on bringing libre software support for any platform as possible.

Libreware is offering only phone and email as contact. Why not WhatsApp?

Like Windows, WhatsApp is nonfree software, it means software that doesn't respect users' freedom. A nonfree program puts its developer or owner in a position of power over its users. This power is in itself an injustice.

The initial injustice of nonfree software often leads to further injustices: malicious functionalities. See here why nonfree software is often malware.

Does WhatsApp really contains malicious functionalities?

Yes, just look at what they had to say about WhatsApp:

  1. WhatsApp has a feature that has been described as a “back door” because it would enable governments to nullify its encryption.The developers say that it wasn't intended as a back door, and that may well be true. But that leaves the crucial question of whether it functions as one. Because the program is nonfree, we cannot check by studying it.
  2. “Deleted” WhatsApp messages are not entirely deleted. They can be recovered in various ways.
  3. The insecurity of WhatsApp makes eavesdropping a snap.

Does Libreware have plans to bring additional contact methods their customers?

Yes, we have plans to offer Mumble, Tox and XMPP soon.

My question remained unanswered. What should I do?

 Send us a message, we will gladly answer you!